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Toddler Room 2-3 years

Within our Toddler Room, we will begin to encourage further independence in children. We will ensure they are given ample opportunity to express their interests along with allowing them to help care for themselves. We will begin to 'self serve' at lunch time and will encourage physical development such as dressing themselves for the outdoors or begin potty training. 

Key workers will carry out a '2 year health check' which is given to parents to take the child's 2 year check and will contain a basic assessment and provides parents/carers with an opportunity to discuss their child's progress whilst attending the setting.

All of the activities in our Toddler Room are designed for children to expand their imagination and recreate daily life activities. We have a designated cosy area for story time and encourage children to develop their confidence during circle time which takes place each day. There are an expansive range of toys such as jigsaws, role play equipment, mathematical activities, literacy areas and much more to encourage children to develop and begin to be pre-school ready! 


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