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Pre-school Room 3-5 years

Our pre-school room has it's own separate entrance for children, allowing them independence and preparing them for school. Our ultimate goal is to get children 'school ready' during their years in our pre-school. As the setting is ran by an Early Years Teacher, there is ample opportunity for children to learn whilst having fun at our nursery. All of our equipment has specific purposes and will allow children to expand on what they have already learnt. 

We are extremely lucky to benefit from a free-flow option within the pre-school room, meaning children can learn indoors or outdoors at any time throughout the day. Each child is assigned a coat peg and a tray when they enter the pre-school room and they are encouraged to use these independently. Parents can find any artwork to take home or reading books which children have shown an interest in to take home from their tray. 

In order to support children's transitions to school, we have a layout which is similar to that of a school classroom. We have a separate 'quiet room' where group learning can take place, such as phonics and instructions for work and learning can be given in an environment with little distraction. Children have their own separate bathroom, containing facilities for all stages of development along with child friendly sinks. We have a morning register and children are given a book which they write their name in each day, allowing for progress of a child's literacy development to be seen. 

In the last term of a child attending our setting, we will discuss school with children and we will individually assess their needs on a more thorough basis before they begin their journey to school. Key workers will meet with potential teachers and individual support will be given when required. Our aim is to support children when developing through all areas of the EYFS and ultimately help each individual child reach their full potential!

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