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Baby Room 0-2 years

Our baby room is fully equipped with a variety of educational toys, whilst providing babies with a stimulating environment encouraging them to explore and develop their senses. We have treasure baskets, heuristic play, messy play, sand and water, books and many many more exciting things to explore. 

There is a cosy area for babies who require quiet time and relaxation; allowing practitioners quality time to spend with their key children. There is a designated nappy changing area which provides ample privacy and comfort. Babies will be issued with a daily diary in which practitioners will record all aspects of the day, including any key messages. It is also an opportunity for parents/carers to provide the setting with any information from home which may be important regarding the care, routines and development of any baby.

Staff in the baby room will work closely with parents on settling sessions to ensure individual needs are met and we will work to follow your daily routines as much as possible. Our aim is to make children feel comfortable and secure within the setting, allowing babies to comfortably progress through to the Toddler Room.

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